Nextcar airport service is completely contact-free. No lines, no waiting. Here is how it works:

Make Your Reservation

Start by making your reservation. If you book online, be sure to choose Bozeman Airport as your pickup location.

Complete Documents Online

Within a few days of your arrival, we will email you the rental agreement via DocuSign. The email will contain specific instructions relevant to your rental.

Arrival to BZN Airport

With all the paperwork completed, you will proceed directly to your waiting vehicle at the airport. We will send you detailed instructions and photos. The key to your vehicle will be in a window-mounted lockbox on your specific vehicle. The code will be provided with your instructions.

Enjoy Your Visit

Have a great time in your Nextcar rental. Enjoy the mountains - you're finally here!

Vehicle Return

The return process is as easy as the pickup. Drop off your vehicle in the same parking lot as you found it and return the lockbox to the vehicle's window. We will pick up the vehicle from there.