Absolutely! We include free local pickup in Bozeman with all Nextcar - Downtown reservations.
  • A valid unrestricted driver’s license
  • A credit or debit card in your own name (if renting with a debit card, please see debit card policy)
These are the minimum requirements. Please see our policy pages for full details.
Yes! There are additional requirements for debit card rentals. Debit card rentals are available for in person vehicle pickup from the Downtown location only. Not available for Airport pickup location rentals. Not available for contact-free pickup option.

Please see full policy for details: Bozeman Policy and General Policy. The following is a summary only:

Vehicle May not Exit Montana

Debit Card

  • Debit Card must be in renter's name
  • Debit card must have chip
  • Pre-Paid debit card not accepted (for example: NetSpend, Bluebird, AMEX Serve, Chase Liquid, are NOT accepted)
Driver License

Provide unrestricted MT driver’s license (no learner’s permit, etc);
Temporary (paper) driver’s license not accepted;

  • Montana Renter:      
    • MT Driver's license with address within 30 miles of rental location
  • Non-Montana Renter
    • Driver License accepted with AIR travel itinerary and proof of air return ticket, showing arrival and departure from BZN airport
    • Round trip ticket required - Ticket purchase greater than 7 days prior to rental date

Renter Must Have Own Full Coverage Insurance Policy (Liability and Comprehensive and Collison in force on policy)
  • Address on  insurance must match driver's license.      
  • Additional Proof of Residence Required      
    • Document dated within 30 days (bank statement / utility bill / lease agreement. Insurance document does not fulfill this requirement)
  • Deductible: comprehensive and collision not greater than $500
Security Deposit is $300

Available Vehicle Classes:
  • Cars
    • Economy, Compact, Mid Size, Standard, Full Size
  • SUVs
    • Compact, Mid Size

Please see our policy pages for full details.
You must be at least 21 years old to rent a vehicle. If you are under 25, an underage driver fee will apply. All drivers must be 25+ to rent large vehicles. 

A young driver fee applies to drivers age 21-24.
Every SUV at Nextcar of Bozeman is either 4x4 or All Wheel Drive. We know what it takes to get around Montana. 
This fee is required of all licensed rental car operators for any rental originating at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, including contact free and shuttle service rentals. It is not a delivery or shuttle fee charged by us. The fee is 10% of your base rental charges. The fee is collected by us and is paid directly to the airport.

Is this fee avoidable? Yes! This fee does not apply if you pick up your vehicle directly from the Nextcar office in downtown Bozeman, located at 23 N 7th Ave.
Yes! You can manage your rental, upload your documents in advance, sign your rental agreement, and more with the Nextcar Rentals app. Contact-Free rentals at Bozeman Airport are also completed with the Nextcar app.

Apple Nextcar App:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nextcar-car-rental-app/id1260949332

Android Nextcar App:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextcarrental.app
Yes. Whether you come to enjoy Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall, there  is always something to do and somewhere to go!