Why Choose Us

Four Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive Vehicles

Our vehicles are made for Montana! We have four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles to ensure you ready for Montana roads. All Subarus and SUVs are guaranteed to be four wheel drive or all wheel drive.

Roadside Assistance Included

We are proud to offer free roadside assistance on all rentals. If you are currently renting a vehicle and need help, please call 877-373-9761. Service is available 24/7.

Local and Independent

We are an independently owned and operated rental vehicle service located in downtown Bozeman, MT. Our customers can always expect fast and friendly service. You never knew renting a car could be so easy!

Free SiriusXM Satellite Radio

We are pleased to offer SiriusXM Satellite Radio, free, on many of our vehicles! Most rental companies see entertainment as another way to nickel and dime their customers. Not us! We want your experience to be the best it can be. Free SiriusXM is included on Jeep Wrangler, Full Size SUV, Standard SUV, Compact SUV, and Full Size vehicle types.

Proud Sponsor of Montana Trout Unlimited

We are proud to support Montana Trout Unlimited with Trout sponsor license plates. The outdoors and conservation are important to Montana residents and visitors alike. Please learn more about this important foundation.

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